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Treat yourself right, with mindful meals and healthy habits. Feel Healthy, Happy, and Energized. Enjoy Eating Well.

About You

You’re working hard at life. And there are lots of wins.

Until now, nutrition & feeding yourself well has been an area you’ve neglected a bit.

Or you’ve tried really hard to follow various diets and rules for eating, but didn’t get the really big results often promised or hoped for, like love, acceptance, vitality, and long-lasting good health. That’s frustrating, and you’re finally ready to try something different.

It’s time you spent some time on you, your health, and wellness. Could better eating habits support better energy throughout the day? Could changing when or what you eat make a difference? Or is it really about how you think about food that needs to shift. Find out – and make a plan.

You know that enlisting help really accelerates your progress in any project. You want help cutting through the confusion, and knowing what’s right for you. Cheat sheets sound good, although you’re not looking for a quick fix.

So let’s do this.

  • Feel better – more energetic, energized, and positive about a long and healthy life.
  • Be better organized, so you won’t have to worry about what’s for dinner again.
  • Feel confident that you’re doing what you need to to take care of yourself.


Highlights of what you can expect from working one-on-one (or two-on-one!) with your Registered Dietitian / Nutritionist.


Personal Attention

Your appointments are focused on you and your needs. Email support is available with most plans & packages. And we work evenings to better match your schedule. 

Strategic Behaviour Change

Don’t change everything! Once you’re clear on your goals and direction, we help you choose specific action steps that will bring you towards your goals. We also celebrate and problem-solve with you along the way. 

Skill Building

Missing a skill related to food, nutrition & eating? From cooking to label reading to respecting your body, we’ll work with you to upgrade those skills until you’re comfortable and confident. 

Evidence-Based Education

Learn about your health conditions, your nutrition needs, and effective behaviour-change strategies from someone who’s checking whether it’s been proven to work. Also ask for our perspective on news reports and fads.


Tip: You may be covered

Have health insurance or a health spending account at work? The cost of your appointments may be covered (often up to a maximum per year). You may also claim out-of-pocket costs as medical expenses on your income tax forms, and get a deduction.

This is for you if…


1. You struggle with meals.

Feeding yourself regularly is an important part of self-care. And when there’s more than one of you, someone has to think about meals. How will you all get fed? Who needs a packed lunch this week? How much time will there be to get dinner on the table before someone gets too hungry or has to rush out the door? And equally as important: What can we have that everyone will like and accept?

We’ll work on enjoying meals, developing cooking, shopping, and eating skills, and getting comfortable with a wide range of foods.

2. You have health concerns.

Whether you have a family history of diabetes, were recently diagnosed with high cholesterol, or have been dealing with IBS for years, Eatwell’s dietitians are ready to help you prevent and manage these common chronic conditions. We’ll help you better understand the condition, work with you on what you can do to feel better now, and prevent serious complications in the future.

3. You’re a bit confused about nutrition.

There’s tons of information out there. Some of it is good, some of it isn’t. Have a nutrition expert review your current habits against time-tested recommendations. Along the way, you’ll learn a few things about your nutrition and eating habits, and make sure you’re on the right path. (Maybe with a few tweaks!)

4. You’re sick of diets.

You know something needs to change, but a restrictive eating plan isn’t the answer. You don’t want to get back on the yo-yo diet train, or pay thousands of dollars for another commercial diet plan. This time, you’re ready to focus on health more than weight. And your relationship with food and your body could use some attention. We’ll work together, step-by-step, until you recognize your body’s signals, dress in clothes you like, move because it feels good, and comfortably say that food is just one of many pleasures in your life.

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What’s Included?

Program 1:


Best for… Establishing regular meals & healthy eating habits

Program 2:


Best for… Recovery from dieting, body dissatisfaction, or IBS

Program 3:


Best for… Extra accountability, and more complex cases

Your First Visit (60-75 minutes each, in person) We review your health history and nutrition-related symptoms, eating habits, and goals. You begin to learn nutrition skills and concepts you need. Together, we choose one or more action steps to practice. Yes Yes Yes
Resources: Handouts and homework specific to your needs and concerns. Yes Yes Yes
Nutrition Coaching Sessions (30 or 60 minutes each, online or in person) For accountability, support, and further education. Celebrate wins, tweak the plan, and keep becoming awesome. 2 x 1 hour (monthly) or 4 x 30 min (biweekly) 4 x 1 hour (monthly) or   8 x 30 min (biweekly) 10 x 1 hour or 20 x 30 min for a year’s worth of support
Bonus Options (Value of up to $125 each)

– “Meals & Recipes for Mostly-Healthy Eating In Saskatchewan: Foods I Enjoy & Recommend” 200-page resource by Nicole Pulvermacher, RD

– “IBS Master Plan: Cookbook” & “IBS Master Plan: Meal Plan” by Stephanine Clairmont, RD

– Personal Grocery Store Tour

– Nutrient Analysis of 3-Day Diary

– Registration in Craving ChangeTM

– Or, choose a 60-minute Nutrition Coaching Session

Choose 2 Choose 3 Choose 3
Email Support Yes Yes Yes
Program Price  $495

(A la carte: Up to $575)


(A la carte: Up to $890)


(A la carte: Up to $1460)

Use By: ***For effectiveness and accountability, all sessions and bonuses must be booked within _ months *** 3 months 6 months 12 months
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Payment Plans & Ongoing Coaching

Changes don’t happen all at once, and you value expert support. Work together with your dietitian on your health, nutrition & wellness for as long as you need. When we’ve addressed everything or your needs change, it’s easy to stop or downgrade your plan.

If you’re interested in a package, but want to spread your payments out over time, choose a plan.

Platinum Plan

You’re ready to make changes, and want frequent visits. Choose this plan to get tons of support for your progress with two nutrition coaching sessions or other services each month, and unlimited email support. $225 to start, then $180/month

Gold Plan

If it’s a better fit, step down to this level after your first few visits, to continue learning and growing without the pressure of a faster pace. Includes 1 nutrition coaching session per month and weekly email support. $90/month

Silver Plan

You’ve learned a lot, established some healthy habits, and don’t need quite so much education and support any more. But you still value a regular check-in with your nutritionist. This is to help you stay on track, get support for upcoming disruptions in your regular schedule, and keep good nutrition on your to-do list. Includes 1 nutrition coaching session per month. Email support is not included. $80/month

Not quite what you need? Maybe it’s…


IBS: Effective Advice to Finally Feel Better

Cholesterol: Learn how to lower your numbers with nutrition

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