SOMEONE WITH A seemingly-Effortless Healthy LIfestyle

Nutrition Therapy for Individuals & Families


  • Personal attention: Your appointments are focused on you and your needs. Email support is available with most plans & packages. And we work evenings to better match your schedule. 
  • Strategic behaviour change: Once you’re clear on your goals and direction, we help you choose specific action steps that will bring you towards your goals. We also celebrate and problem-solve with you along the way. 
  • Skill building: From cooking to label reading to respecting your body, we’ll work with you to upgrade those skills until you’re comfortable and confident. 
  • Evidence-based education: Learn about your health conditions, your nutrition needs, and effective behaviour-change strategies from someone who’s checking whether it’s been proven to work. Also ask for our perspective on news reports and fads.

Food & Weight

Heal your relationship

Meal planning

Get in the habit


Ask a Dietitian

Review your lifestyle

Couples nutrition

Get healthy and happy together

Heal IBS

Finally feel better

Cholesterol Control

Improve your numbers


Tip: You may be covered

Have health insurance or a health spending account at work? The cost of your appointments may be covered (often up to a maximum per year). You may also claim out-of-pocket costs as medical expenses on your income tax forms, and get a deduction.

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