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Does any of this sound familiar?

  • My eating habits suck. I don’t eat “properly”, and I think it’s putting my health at risk. 
  • Making the right choices about food & nutrition can feel really complicated because I’m constantly hearing conflicting advice from the media, my friends and family, and even the government. 
  • I feel conflicted, anxious, or ambivalent about food. 

If it does, then you already know how challenging it is to nourish yourself, Enjoy it, then take food Off your mind. You also know how difficult it can be to find credible, quality advice and support. 

You’re in the right place


I understand how it feels to search for the “right” thing to eat, only to feel dissatisfied. Like you, I’m frustrated with the culture of health fads and dieting advice co-existing with restaurants and food manufacturers pushing bigger and bigger portions. 

That’s why I’ve created one-to-one nutrition coaching services, and worked with hundreds of others, to take you from a confused and anxious beginning to being well-equipped and at peace. I’m with you until you:

  • Feel good about eating & food choices
  • Have the skills and self-trust to make the right decisions for you. 
  • Food is just one of the pleasures of your life.
  • Have good health and energy to get through your day. 

Past clients share their stories

“I’m on the right path.”

I really enjoyed learning a few things about my nutrition, and just making sure I am on the right path. Nicole was very easy to talk to, and had some great tips. I feel good about my eating plan now, knowing that Nicole will be available to answer any more questions I might have.

Kirsta Curtis

Active Vegan

I recognized that, for me, eating is part of socializing, celebrating, and being happy. I realized that I could use food in those ways without overeating. More is not better. Nicole helped me realize what my relationship with food was, and is, and I want to thank her.

Janice Burgess


When you work with Nicole one-to-one, you’ll get:

  • Personal attention: Your appointments are focused on you and your needs. Email support is available with most plans & packages. And we work evenings to better match your schedule.
  • Strategic behaviour change: Once you’re clear on your goals and direction, we help you choose specific action steps that will bring you towards your goals. We also celebrate and problem-solve with you along the way.
  • Skill building: From cooking to label reading to respecting your body, we’ll work with you to upgrade those skills until you’re comfortable and confident.
  • Evidence-based education: Learn about your health conditions, your nutrition needs, and effective behaviour-change strategies from someone who’s checking whether it’s been proven to work. Also ask for our perspective on news reports and fads.

About Your Coach

Nicole Pulvermacher, RD

Nicole is a Registered Dietitian with a passion for helping mostly-healthy adults become healthier and happier.

She is a graduate of University of Saskatchewan’s nutrition program with 10 years’ experience in health promotion, diabetes education, and program planning. Nicole is a member of Saskatchewan Dietitians Association, Dietitians of Canada, and the Canadian Obesity Network. She is also a Licenced Craving ChangeTM Facilitator.

Nicole specializes in coaching adults to adopt better health & eating habits, resulting in stable weight, less emotional eating, and regular & enjoyable mealtimes. She loves inspiring healthy behaviour change, and sharing trustworthy, evidence-based nutrition advice.

Have questions? Get in touch!



Your Investment

Choose whichever works better for you. 

3- Month Reset Package

Make a commitment to improving your health or changing your relationship with food and eating.

This popular package includes: 

  • Your first visit: comprehensive assessment & planning
  • Relevant handouts and resources
  • 2 hours of individual nutrition coaching sessions (2 x 60 minutes in person, or 4 x 30 minutes online) to use for support in the next 3 months. We’ll continue your education and evolve the plan. 
  • 2 bonuses! Choose nutrient analysis, a private grocery store tour, extra coaching sessions, enrolment in Craving Change, and/or Dietitian-created meal plans and accompanying cookbooks designed for your health & household size.
  • Unlimited email support


Individual Nutrition Review + Monthly Subscription

A flexible option for a little advice or ongoing support. 


  • Your first visit: comprehensive assessment & planning
  • Relevant handouts and resources
  • 1 hour of individual nutrition coaching to continue your education and evolve the plan
  • Weekly email support

And, when you continue with a monthly subscription:

  • Regular check-ins as needed for accountability, education, and meeting your changing needs
  • Access to all the bonuses included in the Reset package
  • Weekly email support

$225 to start, then $90-180/month

Tip: Check your benefits

Have health insurance or a health spending account at work?

The cost of your appointments may be covered (often up to a maximum per year).

You may also claim out-of-pocket costs as medical expenses on your income tax forms, and get a deduction.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do we meet?

Short answer: In Regina, or online. 

Nicole prefers to meet with new clients face to face, and will invite you to her home office for your first visit. (Address is shared in appointment confirmation emails). After that, if it’s more convenient to stay home or at work, you’re welcome to book appointments that take place online, over a secure video call. 

What can I expect in my first visit?

Plenty of questions, a little feedback, and inspiration for your next step.

Questions: I’ll already have your intake form, but will want to understand more about your health history, eating habits, or anything else relevant to your reason for working with me. I may also ask questions to get you thinking more about your motivations.

Feedback: I’ll provide my opinion and ideas on relevant aspects of your health & eating habits, start or continue your nutrition education if needed, and suggest practical strategies to move you towards your goals.

Inspiration: For most clients, we wrap up the first appointment by choosing one or two key healthy behaviours to practice before the next appointment.

When will I be able to see Nicole?

You’ll be able to find an opening within a week or two of signing up. To accomodate a variety of schedules, Nicole sees clients during the day on Monday through Friday, and keeps evenings available on Wednesdays. Alternate times may be available by request. If you’re having trouble finding a time, just get in touch.