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It’s time you spent some time on you, your health and vitality. Could better eating habits support better energy through your day? Find out, and make a plan. .


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Have health insurance or a health spending account at work? The cost of your appointments may be covered (often up to a maximum per year). You may also claim out-of-pocket costs as medical expenses on your income tax forms, and get a deduction.

“I really enjoyed learning a few things about my nutrition, and just making sure I am on the right path. Nicole was very easy to talk to, and had some great tips. I feel good about my eating plan now, knowing that Nicole will be available to answer any more questions I might have.”

Krista Curtis

Active Vegan

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Start Right

Assessment & Plan

Let's get clear on what you need.
$225/2-4 weeks
  • For a little help, or to start sorting out a complex relationship with food & health, one-to-one work starts with an assessment and plan.
  • Includes:

  • 1. Initial assessment & counselling session: We review your health history and nutrition-related symptoms, eating habits and goals. Begin learning relevant nutrition skills & concepts, guided by your goals. Together, choose action steps.
  • 2. Email support for 1 month: Ask questions, get tips & resources, or report in on your progress.
  • 3. One nutrition coaching session: Get a high-five for your wins so far. Then, adjust the plan, more nutrition education, and choose your next action steps.
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Stay On Track as You Keep Learning & Growing

Monthly Nutrition Coaching

  • For slow and steady change when you have a lot going on, or as a step-down plan from the higher subscription. Each month, see Nicole online or in person to report on your progress, continue your education and skill building, and get ready for new challenges as you move towards your long-term goals.
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Complete Nutrition Coaching

Comprehensive support for any goal.
  • After an assessment and plan, we may have a lot to work on over the next 3-4, 6-8, or 12+ months. Each month, get tons of support for your progress with:
  • Two nutrition coaching sessions, or one coaching session and an add-on like meal planning support
  • Unlimited email support between appointments
  • And when we’ve addressed everything or your needs change, it’s easy to change your subscription.
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Quarterly Check-Ins

Stay On Track
$90/3 months
  • Check in with your nutritionist quarterly to review your plan against what’s happening in your life now.
  • You’ve learned a lot, established some healthy habits, and you’re doing well for now. But you know that as the seasons change, some things may shift. There’s new priorities, challenges, and opportunities – like a change in schedule or summer weather. How will you navigate the holiday season? How did my cholesterol respond to the changes we made? Let’s adjust the plan as needed.
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