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Here in Regina, Saskatchewan, clients come to me with all sorts of nutrition and lifestyle questions. Some people have health issues they want to take care of as well as possible, others have been feeling drained and want to boost their eating and meal planning habits to better support energy and effectiveness, and another group is just plain confused about how to eat right.

Whatever’s going on, I’m here to help. Rather than prescribe certain foods, I’ve generally found it best to help my clients adopt the attitudes and behaviours that most support good health. Attitudes like: “I deserve a break to enjoy my meal.”, “Eating is good”, and “I can learn to like some foods I’m not sure of right now.” These types of attitudes, along with the structure of regular meals, are some key features of a nutrition counselling model that I love, called Eating Competence.

Why do I love it? People high in Eating Competence earn all of these health benefits:

  1. Better nutritional status
  2. Healthier body weights (Same or lower than dieters)
  3. Higher HDL (That’s the “good” cholesterol)
  4. Lower triglycerides (a type of blood fat that rises with excess sugar and alcohol intake)
  5. Lower blood pressure
  6. Feel more effective
  7. More self-aware
  8. More self-trust and comfort
  9. More trust and comfort with other people

And more! Notice that boosting Eating Competence increases both physical health (reducing risk of chronic disease) AND increases emotional health. With better emotional health, you have the capacity and motivation to continue with your healthier habits – because you’re enjoying your food and your life.

To explain Eating Competence better – and how to get all these amazing health benefits – I’ve put together a free guide.

Free guide: "How to Eat Well and Love It: The 4 Principles of Eating Competence for Better Health"

Just click the image to request your copy – it will be delivered to your inbox in seconds.

And if you have any questions, concerns, or discomfort with anything… let me know. The concepts of Eating Competence are quite different from what you may have heard repeatedly from our diet-obsessed media culture. It’s normal to feel a little uncomfortable when thinking about adopting a new way of thinking, and letting go of those old unhelpful rules.