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Getting to Healthy & Happy Together

**This service is not currently available**

Does any of this sound familiar?


  • We want to use food and nutrition to improve or protect our health and energy, but there’s so many conflicting messages about what to eat. What’s the right approach?
  • Mealtime has been a struggle lately, especially when we lack a clear plan of attack.
  • We want to eat better, but also need to take the rest of the family’s needs and preferences into account.
  • Each of us tried to make healthy changes in the past, but found we didn’t know what we were doing, or felt unsupported, and quit.

What if…

  • You could adopt a healthier lifestyle together. One that everyone in the house likes.
  • We looked forward to sitting down together for a meal. Planning, shopping, and cooking a meal is easier than ever, and worth the effort.
  • Every day, you had the support of your partner in making the healthy habits you’ve picked stick.

All of that is possible with Couples Nutrition Counselling

Meet Your Dietitian

Hi, I’m Nicole. I understand how it feels to search for the “right” thing to eat, only to feel dissatisfied, frustrated, or guilty. Like you, I’m fed up with the culture of ever-changing health fads and dieting advice co-existing with so many industrial food products in our modern eating environment.

It’s challenging to navigate, and to know who or what to trust. But rest assured: I’ve guided hundreds of people before you.