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  • A quick review, to prevent problems after moving in
  • Reversing unintended weight changes, digestive problems, or supplement orders
  • Understanding lifestyle management of your new or old chronic disease(s), and how much you can relax your rules while still having good outcomes
  • Helping you heal better after surgery, a wound, or an illness
  • Boosting energy, concentration, or mood
  • Normalizing your eating habits, relationship with food and body image
  • And more (just ask!)

    Meet Your Dietitian

    Nicole Pulvermacher is a Registered Dietitian from rural Saskatchewan with over 10 years experience, in a range of roles including plenty of individual nutrition counselling for a variety of needs, as well as group education and program development.  

    Nicole loves supporting and inspiring healthy behaviours, and sharing trustworthy, evidence-based nutrition advice.

    Nicole has set aside time to see you.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is there a cost?

    Residents and families: Yes. Please check with your Resident Care Manager. Services will be billed to the resident. 

    Staff: A limited number of appointments may be available at no cost to you.  

    Where do we meet?

    Generally, at Brightwater Capital Crossing. Residents can choose to meet with their dietitian in their room, or in the multidisciplinary room. Virtual appointments, using our secure video chat platform, can also be arranged for times when the dietitian is not on site. 

    When are appointments available?

    We strive to be available to the Brightwater Capital Crossing community one day a week, typically in the morning (subject to change depending on demand). 

    An online calendar shows our usual availability, but there may be some hidden options – so call or email if you don’t see a good time. 

    Can I have someone with me?

    Certainly. If you want your spouse, adult child, a staff member, or any another supportive person to attend your appointment with you, they are welcome. We will focus on you & your needs, but we may ask for your support person’s help in understanding your history and preferences, and in implementing a realistic plan. 

    I have more questions. How do I contact Nicole?

    Email nicole at, or leave a voicemail at 306-533-6908. You can expect a reply within 2-3 business days.