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Mission & Values
Eatwell’s mission is to help Regina become a community of healthier, happier eaters.

We value:

  • Regular meals
  • Eating together
  • Whole foods
  • Taste, texture, color, and enjoyment in eating
  • Having food and cooking skills
  • Health at every size
  • Basing our advice on the best available scientific evidence
  • Your ability to make smart and healthy choices with the right education and support

About You

You’re working hard at life. And there are lots of wins.

Until now, nutrition & feeding yourself well has been an area you’ve neglected a bit.

Or you’ve tried really hard to follow various diets and rules for eating, but didn’t get the really big results often promised or hoped for, like love, acceptance, vitality, and long-lasting good health. That’s frustrating, and you’re finally ready to try something different.

You know that enlisting help really accelerates your progress in any project. You want help cutting through the confusion, and knowing what’s right for you. Cheat sheets sound good, although you’re not looking for a quick fix.

So let’s do this.

  • Feel better – more energetic, energized, and positive about a long and healthy life.
  • Be better organized, so you won’t have to worry about what’s for dinner again.
  • Feel confident that you’re doing what you need to to take care of yourself.


Nicole Pulvermacher, Registered Dietitian / Nutritionist

Hi, I’m Nicole. I work with people who need a healthier way to eat. I’ll show you how to turn chaotic eating decisions into just enough structure for success. I am…

  • Excellently trained as a Registered Dietitian from the University of Saskatchewan’s undergraduate degree program. I earned a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition with Distinction, and immediately started working as a regulated health professional.
  • Experienced in working with people just like you, here in Saskatchewan.
  • Backed by over 10 years of experience in numerous areas of nutrition practice, including health promotion, diabetes prevention and management, heart health, pregnancy and early childhood nutrition, program planning & evaluation, staff training, and resource development.

Work with me, right this second, by telling me why you’d like to improve your eating habits.