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Mission & Values

Eatwell’s mission was to help Regina become a community of healthier, happier eaters.

We value:

  • Regular meals
  • Eating together
  • Whole foods
  • Taste, texture, color, and enjoyment in eating
  • Having food and cooking skills
  • Health at every size
  • Basing our advice on the best available scientific evidence
  • Your ability to make smart and healthy choices with the right education and support

About the owner

Nicole Pulvermacher, BSc (Nutr.)

Hi, I’m Nicole. I worked with people who needed a healthier way to eat. I am not currently practicing, but here’s some background. I am…

  • Excellently trained at the University of Saskatchewan. I earned a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition with Distinction.
  • Backed by over 10 years of experience in numerous areas of nutrition practice, including health promotion, diabetes prevention and management, heart health, pregnancy and early childhood nutrition, program planning & evaluation, staff training, and resource development.
  • Enjoying another health-related role, as well as parenting, in this phase of my life.