Does any of this sound familiar?

  • I always need to know where the bathroom is. If I’m not sure, I might stay home or avoid eating before going out.
  • By the end of the day – or kinda randomly – I get so bloated and uncomfortable. I’ve eliminated a few things that seem to trigger me, but it keeps happening.
  • My doctor/naturopath suggested something, and it kind of worked, but I need a long-term, sustainable plan to help me feel normal.

What if…

  • You could feel normal again. Go out looking good, travel, and visit restaurants with confidence that you’ll feel good the next day. Do everything you want to do without fear of triggers or symptoms.
  • Have a step-by-step plan to eliminate symptoms and fully live your life.
  • Access to a coach to guide and cheer you along the way.
  • Your digestive symptoms no longer hold you back.

All of that is possible with Individual Nutrition Counselling

Meet Your Dietitian

Over the past 5+ years, many people with IBS have worked with us to feel normal again. It’s so exciting to hear when clients report back that their symptoms are improving, or even completely gone.

You deserve to feel normal, and fully embrace life’s joys and opportunities.

We have years of experience in nutrition counselling, and a powerful toolbox of strategies we’ve seen work very effectively in our clients with IBS. (Taletha is now certified by Monash University to treat IBS and related digestive problems!)

We understand that it can be challenging to navigate the health care system, and to know who or what to trust. See a sample story below.

Earlier this year, I felt bloated, tired, and unhappy with my body. I was on a rollercoaster of symptoms, on and off the toilet. My cravings for sweets like ice cream were a problem that had to be satisfied, but sweets and other unknown triggers caused some pretty uncomfortable symptoms. Plus, I had gained a little weight and thought I should try to get back to my normal. But when I tried to lose last year, it was so hard.

So my husband and I booked a nutrition counselling package with Nicole. She listened, then educated us on our nutrition needs. We started by adjusting our meal sizes and timing to provide more steady energy through the day. Plus, we quickly started implementing the meal planning resources. The low-FODMAP meal plans were an easy way to get started with improving our nutrition choices, and my family enjoyed most of the recipes.

As we kept working with Nicole, I also started to understand my cravings better and worked out some other ways to cope with my emotions.

Now, I feel well. Having no more digestive symptoms has been awesome and a real change in terms of energy. Also, my weight has stabilized, and I have far fewer cravings. Recently, I was able to go on vacation with my family and enjoy delicious food while also keeping our healthy habits. I feel confident I’ll be able to keep eating in a smart way. And if anything changes in my health or lifestyle, I know Nicole is just a call or email away.

A sample story, inspired by real clients. Could this be you?

When you sign up for Individual Nutrition Counselling,

Here’s What You Get

  • Work together on understanding your triggers, and implementing powerful strategies to feel better.
  • Phase 1: Feel better within weeks with a low-FODMAP elimination diet, and other digestive health strategies as needed. Be supported with sample meal plans, recipes, and a guidebook.
  • Phase 2:  Find your exact triggers and tolerance with a testing and reintroduction phase. Work towards eating the widest possible variety of foods, and feeling good in most situations. 
  • Relevant education, resources, and local recommendations.
  • A plan of action that we develop together.
  • Face-to-face time to ask your most frustrating questions.
  • Email support, to check in with your Dietitian between appointments.
  • Support and accountability for following through on your goals.

Individual Nutrition Counselling

Packages and Pricing

Level 1

Basic Review

Good for planning your next trip, or problem-solving one area when you’re mostly well. Includes:

IBS Master Plan & FODMAP serving size resources

Your first visit (75 minutes) for assessment and planning

ONE followup appointment (up to 60 minutes) for support and further education

30 days of email support, to check in with your Dietitian between appointments

This is a one-month commitment, for an investment of $225

Level 2

Nutrition Reset

Great for working through symptom relief. Includes:

IBS Master Plan & FODMAP serving size resources

Your first visit (75 minutes) for assessment and planning

THREE followup appointments (up to 60 minutes) for support and further education

A “BONUS” service valued at $95-125. Choose from:

– A 60-minute personal grocery store tour (post-pandemic only)

– Low-FODMAP Meal Plans: 4 weeks of plans, and plenty of recipes

– An additional followup appointment

90 days of email support, to check in with your Dietitian between appointments

This is a three-month commitment, for an investment of $495.

Level 3

Supported Change

Perfect for taking the whole journey together, from symptom relief to living normally in the world after reintroduction. Includes: 

IBS Master Plan & FODMAP serving size resources 

Your first visit (75 minutes) for assessment and planning

SIX followup appointments (up to 60 minutes) for support and further education 

A “BONUS” service valued at $95-125. Choose from: 

– A 60-minute personal grocery store tour (post-pandemic only)

– Low-FODMAP Meal Plans: 4 weeks of plans, and plenty of recipes 

– An additional followup appointment

180 days of email support, to check in with your Dietitian between appointments 

This is a six-month commitment, for an investment of $765 

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my health insurance cover this?

Many people have coverage for Registered Dietitian services through their extended health benefits, but every plan is different. So please check with your plan administrator’s for the details of your coverage.

You may find Registered Dietitians listed with Chiropractors and Massage Therapists as one of types of HEALTH PRACTITIONERS or Providers covered by your plan. There are ordinarily limits to this coverage, such as a total amount per year and/or a maximum amount per visit. To avoid surprizes, we recommend understanding those limits ahead of time.

Nutrition Counselling with us may also be an eligible expense for any FLEXIBLE health or wellness spending accounts you may have though your workplace. Others have used workplace-sponsored personal development funds, as well.

If you have any kind of coverage, let us know. While we won’t direct bill your plan, we will do our best to ensure you get all the services you’re covered for, and provide detailed reciepts in support of your claims.

And if your coverage doesn’t reimburse you for 100% of the cost of your nutrition counselling, Canada Revenue Agency recognizes any out-of-pocket costs as eligible medical expenses for income tax deduction purposes. Save your receipts!

Are there payment plans available?
Yes. If you want to work with Eatwell for more than a month, but would rather pay in monthly installments rather than all at once, let us know. We’ll set up a monthly payment for the length of your plan.
Where do we meet?

As of 2020, most of our appointments are held using a simple and secure video chat platform. No downloads are needed. We also have the option of phone visits if needed. 

When are appointments available? Can I book evenings and weekends?

 We’ve found weekday afternoons and evenings work well for most people, and will almost always have a few of these available. Weekend appointments can also be arranged. 

When you’re ready to book your appointment, an online calendar shows availability.

Can’t find a time that works for you? Email us your availability, and we may find some hidden options. 

Should I bring anything?

Intake forms and payment are typically handled ahead of your first visit, all online or by phone. So you really don’t need to bring anything other than a willingness to work together. Some clients will share copies of their food & activity journals, which is always welcome. You can take notes, or ask for ours. 

Can I bring someone with me?

Certainly. A supportive person, like your spouse, parent, or adult child, is always welcome to listen in and contribute to the discussion – at your invitation.

What if I've finished my package, but still need support?
No problem. For clients who have worked with us within the last 6 months, extra followup appointments can be booked as needed. You might ask for just one or two more visits to adress a particular issue, or decide to commit to a regular monthly appointment for further growth and accountability beyond the initial package.

Don't Be Shy

If we didn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to drop us a line anytime.

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