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  • Poor eating habits, making you feel tired, anxious, or hangry
  • Dieting hasn’t solved your concerns with weight
  • Cholesterol, blood sugar, or blood pressure is up … or you’re concerned it will be soon
  • Confused about what eating properly really looks like
  • Often scrambling at mealtime because you don’t have a plan

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Nicole Pulvermacher, B.Sc., RD

Hi, I’m Nicole. I’m a Registered Dietitian with a passion for helping mostly-healthy adults become healthier and happier. 

I specialise in coaching adults to adopt better health & eating habits, resulting in better health, stable weight, less emotional eating, and enjoyable mealtimes. I love inspiring healthy behaviour change, and sharing trustworthy, evidence-based nutrition advice. 

My education was at the the University of Saskatchewan with a practicuum based out of Regina, and now have 10+ years of experience in health promotion, program planning, chronic disease prevention and management, plus group education. I’m an active member of Saskatchewan Dietitians Association, Dietitians of Canada, Community and Regional Dietitians of Saskatchewan, Canadian Obesity Network, and Diabetes Canada’s professional group. 

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