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About YOur COach

Nicole Pulvermacher, B.Sc., RD

Hi, I’m Nicole. I work with people who need a healthier way to eat. I’ll show you how to turn chaotic eating decisions into just enough structure for success.

Recent Articles and Easy Recipes

Learn how Nicole thinks and eats.

A long day of work travel deserves healthy meal prep

So you're going to be away from home all day, driving to some meetings or checking some work sites, and your usual lunch plans just won't cut it. How to stay well-fed? You could try to stop by a coffee shop or fast food place in the morning to order coffee and some...

Eat your Beans! Black Bean Burger Recipe

Are you always eating chicken? You might be missing out. There are so many other high-quality sources of protein, which also have wonderful nutrient profiles. One food category too many people neglect is beans. Also known as legumes or pulses, these plant-based foods...