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You are pulled in so many different directions every day. There’s pressure to spend time on everything = and it’s all a priority. Eating well is just one of those priorities. Wouldn’t you like to choose the changes that will make the most difference  – without suffering or changing your entire life? With my help, you’ll know what to tackle because I’ll coach you and translate complex scientific evidence into practical information and tools you can use in your real life.


Individual Nutrition Counselling

One-on-one advice & support with your Registered Dietitian.

Or make it two-on-one when you and your partner attend together.

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Talks, Workshops & Projects

For workplace wellness at your office, or for any other group interested in health & wellbeing.

Bring a nutrition expert to you. Requests welcome.

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Craving Change

A How-To Workhsop for Changing Your Relationship with Food!

Meet a dynamic group of adults also struggling with food & cravings. Learn and change together.

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About Me

Nicole Pulvermacher, B.Sc., RD

Hi, I’m Nicole. I work with people who need a healthier way to eat. I’ll show you how to turn chaotic eating decisions into just enough structure for success.

Recent Articles and Easy Recipes

Learn how Nicole thinks and eats.

Eat your Beans! Black Bean Burger Recipe

Are you always eating chicken? You might be missing out. There are so many other high-quality sources of protein, which also have wonderful nutrient profiles. One food category too many people neglect is beans. Also known as legumes or pulses, these plant-based foods...

I wasn’t always happy with my weight

A Childhood of Family Meals Once upon a time, I was a skinny, quiet nerd. Growing up in small-town Saskatchewan through the 80's and 90's was pretty great. Grandma was nearby with oatmeal cookies. I walked or biked to school, and could hang out in the schoolyard or...